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The Vedder River Rotary Trail

This Trail and the Peach Creek Rotary Trail have been adopted by the Rotary Clubs of Chilliwack.

The Vedder River Rotary Trail was a joint venture with the Rotary Club of Chilliwack, the Canadian Forces Base of Chilliwack and the City of Chilliwack. This beautiful trail runs along the Vedder River and is 8 km long. Great for running, biking, walking and horseback riding, many outdoor enthusiasts find this trail wonderful not only for the scenery but for the great accessibility to the Vedder River.

 It interconnects with the Vedder North Dyke Trail and Peach Creek Rotary Trail.

  • Difficulty easy – gravel trail
  • Length 8km / elevation gain – 20m
  • Parking Vedder Park, Peach Park, Lickman Road, Hopedale Road & Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve.
  • Facilities picnic tables, benches, portable toilets

The City is excited to introduce a new “virtual” tour of the Vedder and Peach Creek trail systems. Utilizing smart phone technology to “read” simple QR code signs, trail users simply locate and scan the QR codes on the signage along the trails and an educational video will play on the smartphone.  The virtual tour is intended to enhance a trail users experience by providing an interesting and informative self-guided virtual video tour.

Vedder Rotary Trail Virtual Tour

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Adopt a Park/ Adopt a Trail

The City of Chilliwack has partnered with a number of local organizations and non-profit groups to develop an Adopt-a-Park and Adopt-a-Trail program. Groups volunteer their time to cleanup parks and trails in Chilliwack, to keep the community looking its best!

Greenspace / Trail Network Plans

Created as a supporting document to Chilliwack's Official Community Plan (OCP) the Greenspace Plan and supplementary Trail Network Plan sets out the City's goals and visions for developing new parks and trails over the coming decades.


The City of Chilliwack has over 100 parks and natural areas which together make up over 400 hectares of green space.


A listing of cycling / hiking trails in Chilliwack and vicinity.

Greenspace Plan / Trail Network Plan | Vedder Rotary Trail Virtual Tour

Online Field Status

With the changing weather these days, it’s easy to check the status of Sports Fields online.