Rural Issues Advisory Committee

The Rural Issues Advisory Committee was appointed to liaise with residents of outlying neighborhoods and advise Council on issues. In the fall of 2007 the Committee Chair Councillor Chuck Stam held meetings in Rosedale, Greendale, Ryder Lake and Yarrow. Residents brought forward numerous issues and ideas which are summarized in the table below.

Rosedale Outdoor Burning residents suggested calling the City when they intend to burn
Debris on the roadways residents to contact the City to have roadways cleaned
Paint and other noxious fumes residents should contact the company responsible
Eastern Hillsides road system Staff prioritize projects annually
Transit Service to Eastern Hillsides, Rosedale and Agassiz staff investigating; Mayor to lobby with Mayor of Agassiz for improved service for Agassiz
Burning - Elk Creek community to develop a solution
Hope Slough residents should lobby DFO reps to visit the site
CHIP Project invite DFO reps to inspect the site
Use of Cannons FVRD and Ag Commission working with MOE on alternate solutions
Whistle Blowing City negotiating with CN Rail
Water Meter Cost prohibitive to increase size of water meters in Rosedale
Release of ALR land on Patterson Road properties not to be released until City is convinced the problem is resolved.
Dyke Upgrades City has comprehensive plan to upgrade the infrastructure
Greendale Water accumulation - Sumas Prairie and Lickman Road Staff will investigate
Yale Road Driveway suggestion to widen the apron and put a swing in the driveway
Federal Halfway House confirmed no such facility exists at that location
Sewers City currently conducting a study to determine feasibility of providing sewer to the rural areas.
Outdoor Burning Staff compiling comments to present to Council for consideration
Lickman Road, Evans Overpass and Yale Road West Proposed to commence construction of Evans Overpass in Spring of 2008.
Speeding Traffic on Sumas Prairie Staff will investigate and request police monitor
Dyke Enhancement on Vedder and Fraser Dredging manages the Vedder; Fraser Basin Council developing solutions for the Fraser
Debris build-up at the Bridges Regular clean-up performed by Chilliwack; residents should lobby the province to clean their portion of the river.
Selling City water no issue
4-way stop at Lickman/Keith Wilson and Unsworth/Keith Wilson Staff to investigate
Road and sidewalk improvements Could be included in the 2009/2010 budget
Asphalt overlay  
Sumas Prairie as a designated truck route see City's website
Chadsey Road request for police to monitor speeders and traffic running stop signs
Street lights on Evans Road Staff to repair Evans Road street lights
Industrial development in Greendale no applications at this time.
Designated Winter snow route Highway closures normally reroot traffic onto alternate provincial highways not municipal roads
McGillvary Creek - Drainage and ditch cleaning residents encouraged to call DFO directly regarding problems with their ditches
Mosquito Spraying Regional District program
Overgrown brambles at South Sumas at rail tracks Staff will contact Southern Rail to request brushing
Grass mowing at Overpasses City continues to lobby the government
Ryder Lake Hunting: hunters encroach on our quality of life signage to be erected in conspicuous locations
Hunting: no enforcement because conservation officers are not available for conservation office complaints call 1-877-952-7277
Hunting: 30 homes on Forester Road - hunting should not be allowed in that area  
Hunting: hunters trespassing on private property private landowners need to report illegal activities to the police
Hunting: 400 homes in the Ryder Lake area  
Elk Mountain Logging - environmental and water concerns Staff to provide the Band with a current copy of the water system hookups
Wireless Internet Service  
Snow Removal - request snow plow continue to Lookout Road Staff will investigate
Reflectors - snow plows and graders destroy reflectors on the roadways Staff will investigate
Yarrow Yarrow Library  
Crosswalks or speed bumps to slow traffic down Traffic concerns to be passed onto Police
No passing signs on #3 Road  
Additional police presence Request for additional police presence will be passed to the RCMP
Bowman Road - blind intersection sign Staff will review all major cross streets along Yarrow Central from a community/pedestrian perspective to ensure site lines are adequate and speed zones are clearly posted
Wilson Road and Yarrow Central - crosswalk light or traffic light Will forward to TAC to review
Burning on ALR properties causing black smoke - residents would prefer to submit reports "on-line" rather than calling out the Fire Department residents should report illegal burning to the Fire Department
Sewers City is conducting a survey to determine feasibility of providing sewer to rural communities
Hazardous Waste Day in rural communities Staff will investigate
Land removed from the ALR  
Liquor Stores City has amended Zoning Bylaw to restrict liquor stores
Upgrades to Majuba Hill Road Projects are prioritized each year
Eco Village plans Will be referred to Planning Departmentto ensure developer is abiding by building permits and zoning requirements
Traffic on the Dyke The dyke will be restored and City will try to keep vehicles off.
Parking of large trucks on the streets City bylaw restricting parking on the street - residents should contact the Bylaw Department to issue a complaint
Bike Lanes along Yarrow Central Yarrow Central will be upgraded to include bike lanes and parking
Traffic light at Boundary and #3 Roads Staff will test the traffic and if warranted, improvements will be included in future budgets
Community Police Access Centre Staff to present to the RCMP for consideration during the summer months
Riverside development More development anticipated from Webster Landing to the old CFB site over the next 20 years
Adopt-A-Road Program residents were encouraged to get involved in the program

Rural Open House

Attend a rural community Open House in your neighbourhood.