Curbside Collection

Most Chilliwack residents receive recyclables collection through the municipal Curbside Collection Program.  For more information, click here.


Multi-Family Recycling (apartments, townhouses, stratas)

All Multi-Family Dwellings in Chilliwack are required to provide recycling services to their residents. 

Owners - Contact a private hauler (found in the Yellow Pages of the phone book) to set up your own program. 

Residents - If you live in a Multi-Family Dwelling that is not currently providing recycling services, please contact the City's Environmental Services Department.


Municipal Recycling Depots

If you occasionally have a large amount of recyclables that you do not want to leave at the curb or that you would like to dispose of before your normal curbside collection day, you can take them to a Municipal Recycling Depot. For locations, hours of operation and accepted items, click here.


Bottle Depots

Beverage containers can be taken to Bottle Depots or returned to major grocery stores for deposit refunds.  There are two Bottle Depots in Chilliwack that accept beverage containers for recycling under the Provincial Product Stewardship Program.  The Bottle Depots also accept milk containers for recycling, but milk containers are not part of the deposit program so deposits are not collected or refunded.  


Where can I dispose of..?

For a complete list of recycling and disposal options for various materials, please refer to the Waste Disposal and Recycling Options Chart.


Provincial Initiatives and Product Stewardship

Product Stewardship is the concept that those who produce, sell or use a product should take responsibility for the economic, environmental and health impacts of that product.  This responsibility extends throughout the entire life cycle of the product.

A number of products are regulated for recycling in British Columbia, including:

  • Beverage containers
  • Tires
  • Lead-acid (car) and household batteries
  • Antifreeze, lubricating oil, filters and containers
  • Paint, Pesticides and Solvents
  • Medication
  • Electronic Waste (Computers, TVs)
  • Small Appliances

For more information, visit the Provincial Initiatives and Product Stewardship page.


Bottle Depots

Locations of the Chilliwack and Sardis Bottle Depots

Municipal Recycling Depots

Information on Chilliwack’s drop-off recycling depots for residents.

Provincial Initiatives and Product Stewardship

Starting 2011 smoke alarms, carbon monoxide (CO) alarms and small appliances (coffee makers, blenders, vaccuums etc.) will be recycled at the Sardis and Chilliwack Bottle Depots

Waste Disposal and Recycling Options

Table summarizing the waste disposal and recycling options for Chilliwack residents and businesses.

Recycling or disposal options: A to M | Recycling or disposal options: N to Z